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Trenching Excavation Melbourne

Do you require trenching in Melbourne as part of your home renovation or landscaping project? Trenching is a common part of almost any excavation, landscaping, or general build. Digging trenches are popular when laying foundations of a new structure or for laying a cable trench.

At Pro Excavation Melbourne we know that digging trenches are a highly sensitive and delicate procedure that could result in catastrophe if not done correctly. 

engineer examining excavation drainage pipe

We supply only the best equipment and recruit fully licensed and experienced engineers and technicians to get the job done accurately and safely. In our years of digging trenches in the Melbourne area, we have developed expert local knowledge about what is hidden beneath our earth. Our experts will conduct a site analysis to determine soil type, rock formations and solve safety concerns regarding your commercial or residential property. We have the best machinery that can easily dig narrow and deep trenches without injury or risk to its surroundings.

fleet of excavation machines

Post Hole Digging

Post hole digging is a big part of trenching Melbourne for commercial, rural and residential builds and landscaping projects. Before our post hole digging process can begin we take into account environmental concerns such as soil erosion, weather patterns and obstructions.

We have great machinery such as post hole augers to get the job done safely and easily. We will dig anything from holes for your carport, garages, sheds and fences.

We perform post hole digging for all your drainage or electrical needs. Conducting post hole digging manually can be a strenuous and time consuming task. At Pro Excavation Melbourne we will easily prepare your properties with post hole digging for all your structural needs within a fraction of the time. Our excavator will also remove all soil and rubble that turns up, off your property. Give us a ring to find out more about our post hole digging services today. We also offer Bobcat Hire service.


Are you plagued with loose and troublesome soil on your property? Then high quality footing is especially important for supporting your commercial or residential property foundations. The main function of footings are to transfer vertical loads directly to the soil.

We offer a comprehensive foundations and footings package, which will ensure safe and secure foundations that meet council regulations for all your building projects. We have all the types of footings you need for both your shallow foundations and deep foundations.

dirt covered backhoe construction site excavator
Our footing supplies come in a wide variety of materials from plain concrete to reinforced concrete and masonry brickwork. Our site engineers will ensure correct depth of the columns, as well as strength and durability of the footings. We also offer shoring services for all your temporary support needs. Shorings are especially helpful as safety structures to prevent collapses. We stock timber and mental shorings that come in vertical, angled or horizontal shapes. At Pro Excavation Melbourne, we have been trenching Melbourne and Melbourne for many years. You can be rest assured that your property is safe with us. Get in touch with us to discuss your new build today.