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Site Cuts Melbourne

For site cut excavation in Melbourne, we have a fleet of specialized excavation machinery that are constantly maintained and always ready to go. We have everything from augers, to bulldozers and tipper trucks, this enables us to tackle any size of project including entering limited access areas, commercial developments and civil works.

Pro Excavation Melbourne will also provide highly trained site cut engineers and technicians who will take accurate measurements and calculations so that the site cut and fill process runs safely and smoothly as possible.

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At Pro Excavation Melbourne the safety of our clients and staff are our main priority. We will also conduct site preparation by removing any obstructions and securing the area. We are able to tackle projects such as pool excavation, rockbreaking, bulk excavation, earthworks, excavation of basements, soil removal, demolition and earthwork quantity calculations. Give our team a call today for answers to any of your excavation and site cut queries today.

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Cut and Fill

Site cut excavation is a systematic process that requires experienced excavation contractors to prepare the land for new structures, while safely keeping the surrounding areas intact to prevent cave-ins.

We use laser technology and the best practices in excavation to take accurate measurements when surveying the land. A cut and fill is usually done to level an area such as a driveway that is too steep, or to create inclines to assist with water drainage off your property. Cut and fill also assists in soil removal, concrete removal, and leveling of the land. Once a cut is complete, the vacant area is filled with rubble, soil and debris. 

A layer of top soil is added ensuring that the land is properly compacted and ready for your next build. All excess waste and rubble are cleared away for recycling. We will provide you with all the equipment, supplies and expert excavation contractors at affordable rates so that you can rest easy. Are you excited to start renovating your land? Give us a call and our team of cut and fill technicians will conduct an assessment on your property, provide you with an estimated time for completion and offer you an obligation free quote. 

Soil Removal

Site cut excavation in Melbourne includes soil removal and site clearing of soil from unwanted areas on your commercial or residential property.

We are also experienced in conducting our earth moving and soil removal services in rural areas. We have all the equipment to take care of all your earthmoving needs from dirt removal to concrete removal. We will also remove all types of unwanted turf, rocks and clay so that your area is safe and ready for your next project.

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At Pro Excavation Melbourne we have the best skid-steer loaders, bulldozers and tipper trucks on the market, enabling us to safely and efficiently conduct earth moving services in Melbourne for many years. Our skid-steer loaders assist in a multitude of tasks including digging, scooping up rocks, creating trenches, and excavating soil. It also assists in compact leveling of the earth after soil removal. If you’re looking for earthmoving and soil removal services then we are the excavation company you should call. Why not give us a ring today?