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It can be difficult to imagine demolishing your home. However, the demolition phase is one of the most exciting phases of the construction process. A complete demolition should take less than a day. Remodeling can be a little more challenging.

Demolition is often fast and messy. It is important to be prepared before the demolition begins. If you don’t have a plan, it can cause significant financial problems later. This is why it is so important to get professional advice and find the right builder. The best way to build your dream home is by having the right mix of the best demolition company in Melbourne and a good building contractor.

Although it may surprise you, often the costs of demolishment and building a new house are very similar. These are some things you should consider before you begin to remove those walls.

Considerations before demolishing your home

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What type of demolition do I need?

It doesn’t always have to be the complete demolition of the house. It is possible to choose to remove only a certain portion of an existing structure and keep a wall or facade intact.

This is a good option when you want to keep a portion of the original heritage of the building or if there are specific areas you don’t like and you don’t mind preserving the rest.

Hire demolition experts

Demolition can be complicated and expensive. Demolition is not a simple task. Many skilled professionals have specialized in this field. Experienced demolition contractors in Melbourne will be able to tell you what parts to keep and which ones to take out.

The demo should be taken on by the framing crew; they will know the best ways to retain the material and will keep the accountability chain direct.

The law and how to handle it

The demolition company you select should be able and willing to work with local authorities, obtain the required permits, and ensure that the project stays within the legal guidelines.

A demolition permit, also known as a “building permit”, is required by law. It must be obtained from your local authority before any demolition work can begin. Other paperwork, such as the site plan or land title deed, may also be required. Be aware, however, that obtaining a permit can take up to 15 days. Prepare accordingly.

Negotiating with neighbours

It’s impossible to describe it in a way that isn’t obvious. Demolition work can be loud, dusty, or dirty. You should inform your neighbours and perhaps offer to take a bottle of wine for them as a courtesy.

It is human courtesy and it will help them plan for the inevitable chaos. Also, they will be able to take steps that minimize the potential damage to their property. It will help you avoid angry protests.

Remove trees from your property

It doesn’t matter if there is a huge tree in your garden that blocks the path to the building, or any other type of vegetation that you think might be a problem, it can be removed before the demolition. This will make it easier to reach the demolition site and then work on the site when the crew arrives.

Asbestos procedures are a big deal

Because of its potential to cause damage, asbestos should be considered as the most important priority. It is worth researching. You should inspect your home for asbestos and have any hazardous materials removed.