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Demolition Melbourne

As fully licensed building demolition contractors in the Melbourne area we understand the local lay of the land, including soil type and rock formations which are important for meeting safety standards.

As a demolition company you can trust, we have the expert knowledge required to go about the demolition of any structures, be it on rural, residential or commercial properties in and around Melbourne. Demolition can involve the complete razing of an entire building to the ground or deconstructing and removing part of a building.

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Whatever your needs are, our demolition Melbourne team has the best demolition contractors, speciality tools and machinery to get the job done, timeously, accurately and safely.

Our experts will conduct a site analysis and develop a demolition plan that meets all safety standards and council regulations.

We will choose the best type of demolition plan and equipment that would be most suitable for your property. Whether it be home demolition, commercial demolition, residential demolition or industrial demolition, we are the demolition contractors to call.

Pool Removal

Is your pool drab, lonely and unused? Do you have safety concerns about your young children being around the pool? Then our professionals in pool removal services are what you need. Our demolition experts in Melbourne are experienced in pool removal whether it be on a home or commercial property.

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Our pool removal services are ideal if you are looking to ease up space on your property to make way for fresh landscaping or to build the outdoor entertainment area that you’ve always desired, we are able to meet your needs at affordable rates.

Removing a pool typically requires completely draining the water and demolishing the top of the pool using special machinery. Then materials like granite, concrete, tiles and pipes are hauled away to be recycled. Next dirt, soil and rubble are filled into the vacant space to create a flat firm bed where your pool once was. Finally a layer of top soil is added so that you can begin your next construction or plant your lawn. If your intentions are to extend or change the shape of your pool, we offer partial pool removal services as well. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us for a free assessment and quote today.

Demolition of old house

House Demolition

Our house demolition services cover everything from conducting a site assessment of the house, site prep which includes removal of recyclable and valuable materials, and developing a demolition site plan that meets council regulations.

Some common reasons for home demolition are that the building has become too old or too hazardous to live in due to deterioration of the building or damage to the building’s foundations. Complete house demolition is common for property developers who have ideas to build new homes for commercial gains. Whatever your requirements we will meet all your needs with the highest level of care and professionalism. 

We will assess your home and provide you with a demolition plan, including steps to take before and after the demolition. We will choose a demolition plan that suits your needs. Our versatile fleet includes excavators, bobcats, tipper trucks, bulldozers, mini excavators and drilling equipment. Whether you have an industrial sized warehouse or a small home to demolish our machinery can handle the job.Our demolition Melbourne contractors will take care of all debris and site clean ups, as well as waste management, leaving you with a fresh space and no worries. Call us for a free quote today.