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You can find contaminated soil all over Australia as there are many varieties. There are many ways to remove contaminated soil. These include chemicals leaching into the soil or buried asbestos. Many companies specialize in contaminated soil removal on the east coast. They do this because there are specific rules and regulations that other operators might not know. 

You need to have both experience, knowledge, and a network to understand the requirements of contaminated land disposal. To keep costs low, knowing the type of soil you have and how it can best be treated is essential. 

How can you tell if you have contaminated soil? 

It can be difficult to know if you have contaminated soil at your construction site. If you’re working on a site with previous construction, demolition, or damage to the soil, it’s advisable to have the soil tested first. This is particularly important in areas where there have been many years of construction. 

In some cases, however, it may be obvious that the soil has been contaminated. Excavating can lead to the discovery of old roofing or warehouse materials. It is important to have the soil tested by qualified soil testers if you do find these materials. It is important to not ignore the potential dangers posed by chemicals and other pollutants. 

Additionally, you should test the soil before you dig or construct anything in an area close to a military base or airport. These areas are known to be hotspots when it comes to contaminated soils. This is due to chemicals used long before their negative effects were discovered. 

How does the removal of contaminated soil work? 

The process for removing contaminated soils will vary depending upon the contamination, but there are common recurrent themes you’ll see across all sites. 

The soil is tested by qualified soil testers

The entire construction area must be checked for contamination if contamination is discovered. This ensures that the entire area is checked for contamination before it’s time to take out the waste. 

Only trained removalists can handle the removal 

Depending on how serious the contamination is, you might already have someone licensed to work on your construction site. If you don’t have an operator who is licensed or trained to remove contaminated soil, then you should hire a company that is experienced in processing contaminated soil. They will often begin by planning the removal, and then bring the equipment and machinery needed to complete the job. 

The soil contaminated by fungus is removed from the ground

You must be clear about the type of contaminated soil you are bringing to the transfer station, dump, or treatment center. Some contaminated material can be recycled, while other waste must be kept away from other materials. 

What’s the duration of the removal? 

There is no way of knowing how long it will take to remove contaminated soil. The work could begin and the area of contamination could be smaller than initially thought. It could take several days to complete this work. If more contamination is found, then there may be more digging required. You should be prepared to stop work for at least five days. Also, keep in touch with your soil removal company. 

What is the best way to excavate soil contaminated with toxins? 

It is safe for workers as well as neighbors to excavate contaminated soil when done correctly. The appropriate training and certifications are required.

You must remove soil that has been tested positive for contamination. There are many reasons why soil may be contaminated. However, the main reason is to stop contamination from spreading and health risks. It does not matter if the contamination has seeped into the water supply, or is affecting the quality and quantity of the soil. Construction cannot begin until it is removed. It can be treated and even re-used, once it’s gone. 

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