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Bobcat Hire Melbourne

Do you need to hire a Bobcat for your construction project? Hiring a Bobcat will make any excavation or demolition project safer and easier to accomplish. Hiring poor maintained or cheap equipment can result in shoddy workmanship and at the worst, caves-ins and landslides.

Our Bobcat hire in Melbourne will ensure that you have the most reliable and well maintained machinery for your excavation, demolition or building project. No job is too big or too small for our fleet of capable and well maintained construction equipment. 

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As part of our fleet we have all the essentials such as an auger, hammer, sleeper grab and ripper, tipper trucks and bulldozers. Augers are useful for digging trenches while sleeper grabs can lift and remove concrete sleepers with ease. Our Bobcats also make it easier for the removal of soil, rubble and debris of your property post project. At Pro Excavation Melbourne , we recruit fully licensed and experienced operators who will carry out the job safely and efficiently so that you never have to break a sweat. We will make your minor or major earthworks a breeze, while offering you the most affordable rates on the market.

yellow skid steer bobcat mini excavator

Skid steer loader

As part of our Bobcat hire in Melbourne, we also offer the hiring of Bobcat skid steer loaders. These are used for a variety of excavation techniques enabling us to keep your project rolling smoothly.

Skid steer loaders allow for the attachment of different tools such as buckets, diggers or forks, making it an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Skid steer loaders come in a variety of different sizes allowing us to tackle any project from roadworks to residential excavation.

These machines are capable of assisting in the completion of any construction or landscaping project. Skid steer loaders move by dragging along the ground to prevent any deep wheel ridges from forming on prepared land. Small skid steers are perfect for underground construction such as basement excavation, while mid size skid steer loaders are ideal for digging in narrow spaces where other machinery would not fit. Large skid steer loaders are perfect for any heavy duty jobs and large scale industrial operations. Give us a call for the most affordable rates and quality Bobcat hire Melbourne.

Limited access

Are you worried that landscaping or construction might be impossible on your property due to narrow entryways and small spaces? Limited access areas can occur on any project or site. Be it narrow residential backyards, a tight underground entryway or an unstable rural boundary.

Our Bobcats of varying sizes can safely enter these areas to get the job done. Our mini-excavator is perfect for digging your new pool or for landscaping purposes.

Demolition of old house

The Bobcat mini excavator is one of our most popular requests for tight access and uneven areas. Take advantage of our Bobcat hire in Melbourne, including hiring of our bulldozers, Toyota Skidster loader and Kombuta compact excavator, for the best rates in Melbourne. There’s no need to hire separate excavation contractors either! At Pro Excavation Melbourne we provide highly skilled licensed professionals to conduct the excavation or demolition project, as well as provide you with information with regards to safety procedures, and council regulations. Give us a call and get started with your next development today.