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If you’re in need of excavation services in Melbourne, you’re in the right place. At Emerich we have years of experience helping residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients achieve their development goals.

Are you on the market to develop your commercial or residential property? If you need an experienced and reliable excavation company then Emerich are the excavation contractors for you. We will help you with all your earthmoving, boring, site cuts, and excavation needs.

Located in Melbourne, we are licensed to take care of everything from site prep and clearing to underground drilling and dirt removal.

Demolition of old house

Take advantage of our Bobcat hire services which include a fleet of top level construction machinery such as, bulldozers, tipper trucks and mini excavators. Not only are we Melbourne’s most reputable supplier of high-grade industrial construction equipment, we also offer post hole digging, trenching and shoring for all your landscaping or renovation projects.

Our excavation contractors will remove all excess soil, rubble and waste from your property leaving the area in ship-shape condition. At Emerich we meet all your excavation and demolition needs at one stop. Get in touch with us to chat to one of our friendly professionals for a free quote today.

Our Services

Horizontal Boring

Horizontal boring is a difficult but highly saught after type of excavation in Melbourne. Anytime someone needs to connect services under a road or footpath, the most effective method is by boring directly underneath. Then the pipe, conduit, or cables can be fed through from one side to the other. This is an essential type of earthmoving for services in cluding gas, electric, water, and telecommunications.

Site Cuts

Is your property on uneven ground? We take care of site cuts and fills so that you can have the perfect landscape that you’re’ planning on. Our team of specialists will advise you on all your safety concerns. Don’t forget to ask about our pool removal, pool excavation, soil removal and concrete removal services. Give us a shout for a free quote today.


Augering is a type of exavation that involves attaching a spiral shaped drill piece to the machine for directional drilling. Augering is perfect for footings or post hole foundations as it creates a deep but narrow hole in the earth.


Do you require the installation of subterranean features such as plumbing, gas mains and telephone lines on your property? Our trenching services include digging sensitive cable trenches around your property using only the most reliable Bobcats, post hole digging and trenching equipment on the market. At Pro Excavation Melbourne your safety is our main priority.

Site Cuts Melbourne

Whether your building is having an extension added or you’re building a completely new structure, our experienced and trained site cut professionals in Melbourne will carefully plan and execute any site cuts required on your property.

Site cuts are a sensitive procedure and could be disastrous if incorrect techniques or poorly maintained machinery are used. We hire only the most thoroughly vetted technicians and always use industry leading equipment.

excavation earthmover

We do everything from site prep to rock breaking, and clearing of rubble and debris. Our engineers will develop a site plan using accurate measurements and scalings while taking into account environmental factors and safety concerns. We carefully follow the site cut plan throughout the demolition. Emerich excavators in Melbourne we are experienced in working with small and large scale site cuts. We will take care of your rural, commercial or residential site cuts while ensuring your safety. Whatever your project, we will get on site and get the job done. Call us for an obligation free quote today and we will provide you with expert advice on your site cut needs.

civil engineer check soil surface control yellow vibratory soil motor grader

Earthworks & Soil Removal

We recruit the most experienced and qualified earthwork engineers for your peace of mind. These experts calculate and plan for the excavation of the earth’s surface including soil and rock formations.

Our earthmoving services assist in leveling areas and removing types of soil and rock that are not suitable to build on. We have all the proper machinery for limited access areas including a Kobuta compact excavator and Bobcat mini excavator allowing for access into narrow entryways and small backyards. We have all the earthwork tools needed to mechanically stabilize the earth, install earth anchors and build dams. 

Our earthworks contractors in Melbourne will ensure that our plans are accurate for swift council approval so that we can start your project right away. At Pro Excavation Melbourne we are experienced in handling all types of earthmoving, from civil works to residential homes, to large scale industrial constructions. Require earthmoving for your building project? Give us a ring for a free quote and to find out more today.


Affordable Rates

With so many demolition contractors in the Melbourne area it is difficult to know who to choose. Don’t spend your hard earned cash on shoddy and dangerous workmanship that could leave you in debt and with a disaster on your hands. At Pro Excavation Melbourne we pride ourselves in excellent service delivery and transparency. We will consult with you every step of the way so that you are always in the know. We always deliver high quality results at super affordable rates.. We also provide the highest quality supplies at the most competitive prices on the market. Give us a call for a site inspection or a free quote today.


What risks are associated with excavation?
Excavation has many dangers associated if proper safety standards and precautions are not taken. Some of the more hazardous disasters would be cave-ins and collapses, as well as machinery falling into the site. At Pro Excavation Melbourne we are 100% compliant with all Melbourne council safety regulations and use only the most skilled excavators.
What does demolition involve and why do I need it?
Demolitions refer to the tearing down of buildings and structures using specialized tools and equipment, while ensuring safety of the surrounding areas. Demolitions are most popular for removing buildings or sections of properties that have become too old and dangerous to occupy. Once the area is clear a new structure can be built.
How should home-owners prepare for a demolition?
Our team of friendly experts will assist you with a list of pre-demolition instructions before any tearing down can begin. It is important to determine the best demolition method for you. It is also advisable to arrange for disconnection of services, get your permits and paperwork in order, as well as clear out any salvageable items.
How do you find an excavation company you can trust?
Reliability, professionalism and a history of service excellence. These are the hallmarks of any great excavation company. At Pro Excavation Melbourne our reputation precedes us. We have all the expertise, local knowledge and high quality equipment required to get the job done, while keeping your safety and affordability in mind.
What happens to the building materials and waste after demolition?
We have eco friendly and sustainable solutions for waste building materials after any demolition or excavation. Waste is separated into its natural elements and then sent for recycling. Soil and sawdust are generally turned into mulches. Timber and metals are reused, while rubble and concrete are recycled into new concrete products.
Give us a call today.
We know that excavation and earthmoving on your property can be a stressful experience. With the best excavating Melbourne has to offer, our goal is to provide you with a hassle free experience from start to finish. Ask to speak to our expert demolition contractor or excavating contractor who will answer all your questions prior to the commencement of any project. Be it digging sensitive trenches for cables and crossings or advising you on the best footing structures for your foundations, we have all the answers. Give us a call at Pro Excavations Melbourne to kick start your construction project and ensure the foundations you’re building are safe and sturdy for years to come.